No.101 class landing ship

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In 1942 IJN decided to design an own LST with enlarged capacity especially for their amphibious tanks. The design included a bow ramp and the bow was fitted with a double skeg. In 1943 the first ships were laid down named "T101 type" with diesel engines and "T103 type" with Kampon boilers and turbines.


In 1944 IJA decided to build several T103 type vessels designated "Army SB.101 type".

Length: 80.52 m

Width: 9.10 m

Displacement: 1025 t

Draught: 3,125 m

Loading capacity: 67.4t and 120 soldiers or 14 light tanks and 218t or 9 medium tanks and 218t

Engine: 2 X Kampon boilers, 1 X high pressure turbine and 1 X low pressure turbine on one shaft, 2500hp

Maximum speed: 16 kts

Armament: 1 X type Taisho 3 8 cm AA-gun; 2 X triple type 96 25 mm AA-gun, in 1945 additionally 3 X type 96 25 mm double-mount AA-guns and 4 X type 96 25 mm single-mount AA-guns


Late version

28 ships were laid down for IJA in 1944/45. 2 were sunk, 2 were broken up after surrender before launched, 6 were handed over to IJN in 1945, and the rest surrendered and was used for repatriation services and broken up in 1947.


    The IJN already obtained information regarding Operation Torch from Germany. Some photographs and sketches about the LCT Mk.V were included in this information.

    In August 1943, the Navy Technical Department (Kampon) studied these and finished a basic design. It was a scaled-up model of the LCT.

    In September 1943, the Kampon entrusted the detailed design to the Kure Naval Arsenal. The Kure Naval Arsenal finished it within two months, and the No.101 was laid down in November 1943.

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